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What brand of Botox is best?

Saturday May 18, 2019
What brand of Botox is best?

When I started my aesthetics career almost 20 years ago, there was only a few brands of Botox on the market but today there is considerably more. From Botox, Vistable, Dysport, Azzalure, Neurobloc, Xeomin and Bocouture, it all becomes confusing if you clinic hop and each practitioner uses a different brand.

Every day I hear people telling me what brand of Botox treatment they have had by other practitioners and that the effect was poor, so they blame a bad result on the brand of Botox used. When in fact the poor result was probably caused by a small under dose that the practitioner administered.

Each brand of Botox, whatever the name it is given by the manufacturer, does the same job. Over the years I have used 4 different brands of Botox and provided that I convert the dose correctly, my patient have exactly the same result and lasting effect, whatever Botox brand I use.

The fact is, inexperienced practitioners use tiny doses, which is simply down to what they feel comfortable to administer or a purposeful act of under dosing to keep the price low. This gives people varying results of poor wrinkle management and poor lasting effects.

It is also a misconception that it was the brand of Botox used when you have had a “botched result”. Over arched eye brows, the DR Spock look, eye brows parted and pulled, brows wonky or drooped, wrinkles on one side but not on the other, and results not lasting long - is simply down to the skills of the practitioner.

Botox is an amazing treatment to reverse the signs of ageing and to enable us to look fresh and a little more youthful. When any of the Botox brands are used by a skilled experienced practitioner and the correct dose is administered, you will have a straight symmetrical, natural, long lasting and highly pleasing result. It took me many years to perfect the natural airbrushed look with Botox. And although Botox is your best friend it is a very technical and often naughty little drug to work with for the “inexperienced”or “occasional practitioner”. For this reason, an inexperienced practitioner will under dose to lessen the risk of complications.

I am saddened when “new clients” come to my clinic and tell me they don't want to consider Botox because they will “LOOK ODD”. I also dispair when people ask me not to use a certain brand of Botox due to having a previous poor result when administered by another practitioner. Even if another practitioner uses the same brand as I do, the result will be very different if the dose and the way the Botox is administered is different. 

Having a bad Botox treatment can make us look asymmetrical and quite unattractive. And although I correct many people who visit me for help after having a botched Botox treatments elsewhere, it can take months for you to completely look like your old self. I would rather have a bad haircut than a bad aesthetic treatment any day!

So to conclude: Botox is safe, reliable and it is a sure bet that it will soften and freshen your face. It is a sure bet that a bad Botox treatment is the fault of the practitioner. And, it is a sure bet that all brands of Botox will create the same result when administered by a skilled practitioner.

And as a final note: it is also a sure bet that if you see a woman or a man who looks too good to be their age and there are no tell tale signs of why, then their look may be down to expert hands and regular visits to a skilled Botox practitioner.

Blog written by Karen Johnson.

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