Karen Johnson RGN. NIP. Ad Dip Nut. Med (Rus)
Aesthetic Consultant, Sclerotherapist, Advanced Electrolygist

Aesthetic, Coolsculpting, Vascular, Dermatology & Minor Surgery

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Aesthetic Correction Service

Aesthetic Correction Service

Botulinum Toxin Correction

Karen is trained and highly skilled in anti wrinkle correction treatments. If you have had a Botox®, Dysport or Azzalure treatment performed elsewhere and you are not happy with the balance and symmetry of your face, Karen can correct you.

Dermal Filler Correction Service

Very sadly we frequently have people coming to our clinic who have had a bad treatment performed elsewhere seeking our help to correct poor results. Alarmingly, there is an increasing number of practitioners who have little or no experience or training in injecting dermal fillers and can cause devastation.

If you have had dermal filler treatment performed elsewhere and the treatment has gone wrong leaving you unhappy with the results, Karen is trained to use Hyalase a product that can dissolve the dermal filler and reverse the effects.

We understand how distressing it can be to have a bad treatment but please dont dispair Karen can correct the following:

  • Over done lips
  • Uneven or lumpy lips
  • Excessive and overdone puffy apperance
  • Uneven lopsided cheeks
  • Lumps and bumps
  • Visable filler leaving a grey or blue tinge to the skin
  • Dents, hollows, puckering and uneven texture

Due to the expertise required to use Hyalase, this treatment must be performed by a highly skilled and experienced practitioner.