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Sun Protection

Sun Protection

North Wales Aesthetics Clinic strongly advise using factor 50 UVA and UVB sun protection. Sun burnt skin is damaged skin and it is a proven fact that sun damages the skin structures causing premature ageing. We sell factor 50 which is in the form of a gel and when applied soaks deep into the skin leaving no visible trace or oily residue. Looking after your skin starts with sun protection.

Acne sun protection

Oily skin is a problem that all acne sufferers have and a nuisance when trying to protect your skin against the sun as the majority of sun blocks on the market are oily and leaves a visible film on the skin. We know that oily products make acne prone skin worse. The sun protection that we sell at Norh Wales Aesthetics Clinic is water based and highly desirable for acne prone skins.

Whatever skin condition you suffer with, you must protect your skin and we can help you to achieve this with an acne suitable skin care.