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  • Do you have stubborn fat that will not go ?
  • Do you want to drop a dress size ?
  • Do you have thick bulges around the waistline - muffin top, bulging belly, post pregnancy ?
  • Do you have rolls of back fat - love handles or bra bulges ?
  • Do you want to slim down your thighs and wear skinny jeans ?

YES its non surgical YES its less expensive than surgery YES permanent amazing results

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8 YEARS OF COOLSCULPTING At North Wales Aesthetics Clinic (2021)

We have the complete set of Coolsculpting applicators that allows us to treat pinchable and non-pinchable fat in areas such as:
The lower and upper belly, flanks or love handles, back and bra bulges, inner and outer thighs, knees, double chin, upper arms and under arms.

If you have a fat bulge in any area of your body that is bothering you, let us take a look and if we can treat it, we will.


Coolsmooth Applicator

The coolsmooth applicator is ideal for treating non pinchable fat such as thigh fat especially the outer thigh commonly known as the saddle bag area. We can treat the whole thigh including back of the thighs, knee's and buttocks.

The photo shows fantastic results to the outer thigh bulges and don't forget treatment outcomes are permanent !

Coolsculpting technology is Cryolipdysis which is Fat Freezing!

When you are sitting comfortably an applicator will be attached to the area being treated and gently delivers vacuum pressure to pull the bulge into the cooling panel. The area will become numb and over 1 hour the fat will be cooled to below freezing causing the fat cells to die. Surrounding tissue, muscle, blood supply, nerves and skin are not affected. During the treatment most patients watch a movie, read a book, work on a lap top, catch up with calling friends or even fall asleep. It's that simple.

Within weeks your body will naturally excrete these dead fat cells resulting in an overall reduction in the fat layers. Within a period of 4 months you will see an undeniable and amazing reduction in the fat bulges and provided that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise the fat will not come back.

Some temporary side effects may occur such as bruising, redness, pain, soreness, numbness and tingling which are usually only mild but can vary from each individual and normally subside within 1 to 2 weeks. Karen routinely prescribes medicines for you that will ease any side effects that may be uncomfortable. This procedure is completely safe, has FDA approval and it definitely works !

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Liposuction risks and side effects

(NHS Statement)

  • Operation, anaesthetic and hospital stay
  • Up to 4 weeks off work
  • Swelling and bruising for several months
  • Several scars
  • Numbness for several months
  • Painful for several weeks
  • Lumpiness and uneven skin
  • Fat embolism post procedure
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Wound infection
  • Wear compression garment for several months

Cost of £2,600 to £8,500


Cool Mini Applicator

Keep your chin up, we have the solution!

  • Bothered by your double chin?
  • Are you fed up wearing high neck tops and scarf's to cover it?

Say goodbye to your double chin with the Coolsculpting Mini applicator and say hello to a slim line taught, more defined contoured chin and neck in as little as 3 weeks.

The Coolsculpting mini is uniquely designed to target small pockets of fat in areas like the double chin. After 1 or 2 treatments results will be seen in just 3 weeks, maximum results in 4 months. Double chin treatment with Coolsculpting is FDA approved to improve the appearance of lax skin and in our patients we can see a visible taughtness to the skin treated.

The mini applicator is FDA approved meaning its effectiveness is proven and safe.

  • FACT Freezing fat kills fat cells
  • FACT Your body never replaces fat cells, once they are gone, they are gone for good
  • FACT Excess fat on the body can be hidden but a double chin can not
  • FACT North Wales Aesthetics Clinic has all the Coolsculpting applicators

If you have stubborn diet and exercise resistant fat that YOU can not shift, WE WILL!

Coolsculpting Benefits

  • Lose those annoying bulges of stubborn fat that will not go with diet and exercise
  • No needles, no surgery, no anaesthetic, no scars
  • Clinically proven, medically cleared and FDA approved
  • No downtime, return to normal activities straight away
  • Results within 30 days, maximum results within 90 days
  • Amazing highly effective results
  • Proven permanent results, fully endorsed by robust clinical evidence and FDA backed
  • Only one treatment session in most cases (1 to 6 hour treatment session)
  • Smooths loose skin and improves cellulite
  • Relatively painless, however it is a medical procedure

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Coolsculpting risks and side effects

(Clinically Proven)

  • No operation, no anaesthetic, no hospital stay
  • Go straight back to work
  • Possible bruising for up to 2 weeks
  • No scars, non invasive procedure
  • Numbness and tingling for 1 to 3 weeks
  • Controlable pain for 1 to 3 weeks but often none
  • Improvement to cellulite and smooth skin tone
  • No risk of complications, non invasive
  • No risk to internal organs, non invasive
  • No risk of infections, non invasive
  • No compression garment required

Cost of £600 to £4,000