Karen Johnson RGN. NIP. Ad Dip Nut. Med (Rus)
Aesthetic Consultant, Sclerotherapist, Advanced Electrolygist

Aesthetic, Coolsculpting, Vascular, Dermatology & Minor Surgery

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Meet the team

Meet the team

Karen Johnson RGN. NIP. Ad Dip Nut. Med (Rus)

Aesthetic Consultant, Coolsculpting Practitioner, Sclerotherapist, Advanced Electrolygist

Karen is the owner of North Wales Aesthetics Clinic and she is an established and highly experienced, trained Botox®, dermal filler, medical grade chemical skin peels consultant, sclerotherapist and advanced electrolygist. Karen regularly performs a comprehensive range of aesthetic, coolsculpting and vascular treatments. Karen is a registered Nurse of 33 years, an Independent Prescriber (NIP) and she has completed mutiple advanced anti wrinkle and dermal filler training courses and has currently achieved 28 training certifications for aesthetic and vascular procedures. She is highly skilled in anti wrinkle and dermal filler correction treatments.

All consultations, treatments and after care are performed by Karen to ensure that all clients achieve their expectations. Karen is passionate and committed to deliver the highest standard of care to achieve the best possible results for her clients. Karen finds nothing more rewarding than helping her clients achieve their goals.

Doctor Richard Stewart

Richard is a local GP who is medical advisor to the clinic. His services are employed to oversee that all standards of care and safety are being met.

Chris Butterworth

Chris is the company accountant and he is responsible for all financial management of the company. He advises on useful money savings to enable our treatments costs to remain as low as possible.

Choosing the right practitioner

For a natural looking result an experienced skilled practitioner is essential. Prior to having treatment you will have a one to one consultation and you will see a comprehensive range of before and after photographs of Karen’s work. This allows you to determine yourself if you would like to proceed to having treatment by Karen at North Wales Aesthetics Clinic. For more detailed information about why you should choose us please please click here

Jo Harris

Clinic Manager

Jo, our clinic manager / senior assistant has acquired detailed knowledge of our aesthetic treatments, making her a highly valued asset to our team. Trained to advanced level she is our nurse specialist in coolsculpting, vascular treatments, medical grade chemical skin peels and dermatology. She has a keen interest in teaching and assists Karen to ensure that all staff are highly skilled and up to date with continued professional development.

Jo is excellent with children and oversees all children’s treatments. Additionally she has an active role organising our complex appointment system.

Clinic Assistants

We have 3 clinic assistants who are trained to assist with all treatments and procedures and provide essential support to Karen.

Their understanding and warm welcoming manner instantly puts our clients at ease and allows you to enjoy your experience with us. Assistants are highly trained to ensure the safe and smooth running of the clinic.

Consultant Plastic Surgeons

We have two consultant plastic surgeons who attend our clinic regularly and offer consultations to our clients. Please call the clinic to discuss your requirements.

Computer Solutions LTD

Computer Solutions provide custom IT support and security to North Wales Aesthetics Clinic and are responsible for the smooth running of our office computer systems, equipment and security.

Thankfully, they keep the office running smoothly from day to day and are a valued asset to our team.