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Acne Specialists And Problem Skins

Acne Specialists And Problem Skins


You can end the misery of chronic acne with the right skin care.

Every day we see people who are fed up with trying different skin care regimes that simply don’t work. Here at North Wales Aesthetics Clinic, we have excellent results with a range of treatments that really help the teenager and adult acne sufferer.

In most cases acne has hormonal causes. The elevation of certain hormones stimulate the skins oil production producing far too much. The oil blocks the pores resulting in comodones and papules – blackheads and spots. Bacteria lives on the skin happily but the build up of excess oil is an ideal environment for these bacteria to multiply creating acne lesions or spots.

Treating the skin directly is what we would recommend and where North Wales Aesthetics Clinic has great success. Our prescription products slow down the oil production without drying out the skin, reduces inflammation quickly, unblocks and deeply cleans the pores from bacteria and removes dead skin cells unblocking the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties promote healing and all together this is a recipe that rapidly clears the skin and prevents further outbreaks. Suffering with acne can be very distressing and cause low self esteem and confidence.

For as little as £3 to £5 per week let us take control of this distressing skin condition for you.

Acne make up

No matter how bad your skin is, covering your face with a thick blanket of oil based make up, in an attempt to hide the spots and inflammation, is not the answer. A mineral camouflage make up will cover all your blemishes with a tiny amount of light sheer foundation. If you have any particularly nasty dark blemishes, spot pigmentation or active spots we have a camouflage concealer that is an ideal addition to your make up case.  

Sun protection

Oily skin is a problem that all acne sufferers have and a nuisance when trying to protect your skin against the sun as the majority of sun blocks on the market are oily and leaves a visible film on the skin. We know that oily products make acne prone skin worse.

North Wales Aesthetics Clinic strongly advise using factor 50 UVA and UVB sun protection. We sell factor 50 which is in the form of an oil free gel and when applied soaks deep into the skin leaving no visible trace. Sun burnt skin is damaged skin and it is a proven fact that sun damages the skin structures causing premature ageing. Whatever skin condition you suffer with, you must protect your skin and we can help you to achieve this with an acne suitable skin care.