Karen Johnson RGN. NIP. Ad Dip Nut. Med (Rus)
Aesthetic Consultant, Sclerotherapist, Advanced Electrolygist

Aesthetic, Coolsculpting, Vascular, Dermatology & Minor Surgery

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Removal Of Skin Tags, Moles, Warts, Blood Spots, Milia And Verrucas

Removal Of Skin Tags, Moles, Warts, Blood Spots, Milia And Verrucas

Moles, Warts, Skin Tags, Blood Spots, Milia And Facial Veins..


Karen is an advanced trained Electrologist and has obtained the advanced diploma in electrical epilation.
Advanced diathermy is the safest and most effective way of treating superficial blood conditions and surface skin lesions.

Removing moles and other skin lesions

North Wales Aesthetics Clinic remove skin lesions by cauterizing which is a relatively painless procedure although you will be offered a local anaesthetics in the form of cream or injection. Cauterizing moles removes the lesion completely from the skin and requires no stitches and in the majority of cases leaves no scarring but sometimes you may see a little mark where the mole use to be.

Moles can be embarrassing, a nuisance when applying make up, shaving and even catch on clothing and jewellery and of course moles can develop into a skin cancer therefore removing them is sensible.

Removing skin tags (Penduculated Papillomas)

Skin tags are made up of loose fibrous tissue and hang from the surface of the skin. Skin tags vary in size and shape from a grain of rice to a pea.They are commonly found on areas of friction such as the neck, under arms, groins, top of the thighs and bra line.

Skin tags can be removed very quickly by advanced diathermy therefore multiple tags can be treated in one session.

Removing milia

Milia are raised hard white spots under the surface of the skin and are mainly found on the face. They can not be removed by normal methods of extraction. Removing them with a milia needle leaves the skin damaged, torn, bleeding and open for infection to develop.

Removing milia by diathermy will cauterise the area preventing bleeding and leaves a tidy wound for scar free healing. Following extraction of the milia, treating the whole area with a medical grade chemical skin peel and long term use of a prescription skin care regime can prevent recurrence.

Treating red blood spots (Campbell De Morgan spots)

Red blood spots are commonly found on the trunk or torso, front and back. As they are pockets of blood in the surface of the skin, they are ideally treated with advanced diathermy with instant and permanent results.

Removing warts and verrucas

Warts are benign cutaneous tumours that are viral and contagious. They commonly appear on the feet, hands and lower arms. We offer various treatments however, treatment by advanced diathermy is the most effective. The wart will be completely removed from the surface of the skin and they usually do not return once treated with this method.

Removing warts and verrucas is performed under local anaesthetic. The procedure can take minutes therefore multiple lesions can be removed at the same time. There will be no stitches and in the majority of case no scaring.

Removal of xanthelasma or cholesterol deposits

Yellowish deposits in the eye lid skin is an embarrassing condition and is not coverable with make up.

This procedure should be performed by a skilled practitioner due to the eye lid skin being very thin and delicate. Karen routinely removes such lesions without the need for stitches or skin grafts and she successfully achieves results with minimal or no scarring.

Not many practitioners throughout the UK carry out this incredibly delicate work.

Eye lesions on upper and lower eyelids

Karen's minor surgical work extends to occular/eye area treatments and Karen routinely removes skin lesions such as Xanthelasma (yellowish deposits of cholesterol under the skin), skin tags, moles, warts and cysts on the upper and lower eye lids. Without stitches or skin grafts, Karen brings highly pleasing results with, minimal or no scarring and speedy recovery. Not many practitioners throughout the UK carry out this incredibly delicate work.

Treating facial veins or telangiectasia

This superficial blood condition appears as visible small thin veins that lie just beneath the surface of the skin. They occur on the face and body and can build up over many years or appear due to sudden damage. Treatment by advanced cauterising instantly coagulates or mops up the trapped blood as the heat works though the vein. The vein is cauterised at both ends preventing it from refilling, making this treatment highly successful. There will be no scar or bruising like with some treatments.

Spider naevus

Spider Naevus are superficial dilated blood vessels under the skin commonly found in clusters on the cheeks and chest. Several small dilated blood capillaries come from the body of the naevus like spiders legs hence the name. Direct heat from advanced diathermy will coagulate the trapped blood and it will instantly disappear.