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Profhilo Skin Tightening

Profhilo Skin Tightening

What is Profhilo


Profhilo is a very exciting treatment for tightening of skin laxity, crepey and sagging skin and has an incredible skin lifting effect. With youth, our skin is very elastic and tight but as we age our skin becomes baggy and this is a big problem for the majority of the patients we see over the age of 50.

This product is not a dermal filler or a skin booster, it is a combination of a very high concentration of hylauronic acids that provides skin hydration.

The major hydrating effect is why this treatment is so outstanding. 

Your skin will become firmer with bounce and increased tone. 


Profhilo works on tightening and lifting the skin 

Dermal filler will restore the skin volume

Botox will relax muscles that are causing the skin to crease

A combination will produce better results for a more youthful look.

How Does Profhilo Work


When injected under the skin, Profhilo diffuses around the tissues stimulating 4 different types of collagen and elastin cells resulting in a tighter smoother skin.

At North Wales Aesthetics Clinic we see fast and incredible results.

After 1 treatment you will start to see an improvement in the skin hydration and after the second treatment you will see an improvement in the skin elasticity and tightness.


The benefits are:

  • Tightens and lifts skin
  • Increases firmness and bounce
  • Healthier radiant looking skin
  • Softer skin with more tone
  • Overall skin rejuvenation and youthfullness
  • It is safe and proven

Where Can Profhilo Be Used


Profhilo is suitable for any area of the face or body that has crepey baggy skin:

Full face - including around the eyes, the top lip and jawline.


Décolletage / chest


Upper arms

Knees and thighs

Helps in cases of acne scars

What Is The Process


Profhilo is best administered as a course.

2 to 3 treatments a month apart will bring highly pleasing results.

Treatment is delivered by injection under the skin which takes a few minutes.

Within 1 month you will start to see results and maximum results are seen at 8 to 10 weeks.

The effects will last for up to 6 months then you will require maintenance treatments.

Results vary from patient to patient.


Patient Testimonials

To watch videos of our patients' Profhilo results please follow the link:

Our Patient Testimonial Videos