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Medical Grade Chemical Skin Peels

Medical Grade Chemical Skin Peels

Medical Grade Chemical Skin Peels (not to be confused with glycolic peels).

We offer medical grade TCA peels which can only be applied by specially trained aesthetic nurses and doctors.

There are three types of medical grade skin peels - light, medium and deep. The purpose of a peel is to remedy skin ageing, open pores, acne, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, Melasma, chloasma, keratosis, smokers skin and black heads.

Each peel will achieve different results. Medical grade chemical skin peels will improve the skin to varying degrees by refining the skin texture and the complexion will become clearer and brighter giving your face a younger, soft and fresh look.

With the four course medium peel the top layers of the skin are removed and as the skin grows back it will be smoother, softer and blemishes, fine lines and some superficial facial scaring will be reduced.

The Light Medical Grade Chemical Skin Peel

A weekly or monthly peel.

This peel can be used on all skin types and is effective for sufferers of open pores, acne, dry skin, oily skin and sensitive skin. This is a strong dermal stimulation peel and will put the glow back into your face. There is no skin flaking, therefore your work and social life will not be affected making this peel an ideal treatment prior to a special occasion such as a wedding. You can have this peel in your lunch time and return to work without any unsightly redness.

We recommend you have this peel once a week for 4-6 weeks, then monthly to maintain the results. Alternatively the peel can be applied once a month long term as part of your skin care regime.

Treating acne with the light medical grade chemical skin peel.

For acne sufferers, the light peel applied once a week 4-8 weeks will give dramatic results. Then applied monthly to maintain the results.

Treating acne with the medium medical grade chemical skin peel

A course of 4 medium peels will improve the appearance of acne considerably. Each individual is different and some suffers benefit from additional dermatology treatments. Please enquire for more information about this specialist treatment.


The Medium Medical Grade Chemical Skin Peel (TCA)

A strong TCA four course peel.

(This peel includes post peel skin care products which are part of the treatment protocol).

The medium peel will rejuvenate and tighten the skin and put a glow back into tired skin. Treatment consist of one peel weekly for 4 weeks. No anaesthetic is required, although an uncomfortable procedure it is not a painful procedure.

You will have skin shedding 2 days after the third day of each peel, so if you arrange to have a peel mid week your skin shedding will be at the weekend. You can have your peel when it suits your work and social life.

All skin types benefit from having a medium peel yearly. Following your medium peel course you can have light peels monthly to maintain the results.

Repeating the 4 week course peel three times over one year will achieve the results of  a deeper peel without the unsightly skin shedding, pain and time off work.

The Deep Medical Grade Chemical Skin Peel

This is the strongest TCA peel on the market. It is ideal for localised age spots on the face and hands and should be used in conjunction with the medium peel.