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Aesthetics For Men

Aesthetics For Men

A large percentage of our client base at North Wales Aesthetics Clinic is men. Successful aesthetic treatment of a man requires your aesthetic consultant to recognise the differences between men and women in anatomy, skin biology, skin ageing and rejuvenation goals. In short a man's skin tends to be thicker and muscles are stronger therefore men require a very different approach than treating women. It is important for men to remain as natural and masculine as possible. Men prefer subtle, natural looking results and want to avoid feminization. This understanding is critical in providing a successful aesthetic outcome.

With this in mind it is sensible to come to a clinic with experience in the art of male aesthetics. Karen treats men on a daily basis and she can offer a wide range of non surgical aesthetic treatments for men from wrinkle management to skin care. With the right practitioner facial treatments can be administered while retaining the masculine and rugged look. Men with age-related concerns seeking cosmetic procedures, tell us that they want to look younger, calmer, less tired and de stressed and Karen can offer just that.

Click here, to see our video of how Karen has achieved that for her client Andrew.

Soften wrinkles and deep folds

  • Dermal fillers can lift deep tear troughs that give that tired all day look.
  • Redefine the jaw line and chin for a more chiselled profile and masculine look.
  • Add more structure to your cheekbones
  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Plump the chin crease that gets deeper with age and can be a nuisance when shaving.
  • And Botulinum toxin can soften wrinkles on the forehead and in between the eye brows for that softer, more approachable look.
  • Bruxism or teeth grinding (see anti wrinkle page).

Skin care

Look after your skin and improve your complexion with a light medical grade chemical skin peel. This peel is ideal for men who work in dusty environments as it deeply ex foliates and cleans dirty pores, close pores, soften your skin, mop up free radicals and skin bugs. Your face will look fresh with a healthy glow.

Remove moles, skin tags and skin lesions

  • Removing a mole or skin lesions will greatly reduce the risk of skin cancer.
  • Make shaving easier.
  • Removing moles and skin tags from your body so you can take off your shirt with confidence in the summer.

Migraine headaches

Botulinum toxin is not just for forehead wrinkle management but also a remedy for headaches in some individuals. 

Intravenous Magnesium is another remedy for some individuals as this mineral has robust evidence backed research to support the relief and management of some migraine sufferers. North Wales Aesthetics Clinic can administer higher but safe doses that what you can take in tablet form.

Facial veins

North Wales Aesthetics Clinic has seen a sharp rise in men requiring treatment for unsightly thread veins on the face often blamed on heavy drinking. When in fact the majority of cases the cause is too much sun, heavy work or exercise, working for long periods with your head down and skin conditions like rosacea. Women can hide facial veins with make up but men can not, encouraging men to seek a solution. The treatment method that we use at the clinic is instant and permanent. With a down time of only a couple of days, facial vein treatments are very popular with our male clients.


Coolscupting for men offers a non surgical solution to eliminating stubborn bulges that are diet and exercise resistant. We recognize that men want to look great too, and want to slim down the spare tyre to give a more contoured look to their midsection and trim down the bulges that hang over the top of the trousers. Men strive to banish the love handles and create a lovely V shaped back and getting rid of man boobs for good will improve your self-esteem and feeling of attractiveness.

Although a medical procedure, Coolsculpting is a walk in and walk out procedure and will not impacting your work or social life. See our Coolsculpting page for more information.

Varicose and leg thread vein treatments

Varicose Veins and thread veins on the legs are unsightly and cause pain and aching and embarrassment. Here at North Wales Aesthetics Clinic Karen and Professor Paul Edwards are vascular specialist and treat  all sizes of veins on a daily basis. Procedures are quick and simple and there is no general anaesthetic, no need for time off work and no scars.

Varicose Veins are treated by our consultant vascular surgeon Professor Edwards. Performing four different treatment methods using the latest safe and proven techniques and technology all treatments are minimally invasive and performed under local anaesthetic. Within 2 hours your treatment will be completed and you can walk out and resume most normal daily activities.

Thread veins are treated by Karen a Sclerotherapist. Not many Sclerotherapists treat the underlying cause but Karen does. We know that thread veins on the surface are caused by deeper reticular or feeder veins that you can not see. Using a powerful vein light scan Karen can precisely treat various sizes of these troublesome deeper veins. It is routine at North Wales Aesthetics to treat the deeper veins prior to injecting the surface veins. This ensures a more comprehensive treatment with a goal to a permanent outcome.

Vitamin mineral and amino acid drips

For the hard working or sporty man. A choice of drips for all men who want to increase athletic performance, speed recovery from illness, boost immunity, aid weight loss or help your body get through the day. 100% of nutrients in a drip reaches the cells where they are needed.

Vitamins and minerals help to boost metabolism and supress the appetite. 3 fat burning minerals in the drip help the body to use stored fat and build lean muscle.

Energy boosting B vitamins are a must for the manual worker to get though hard working days.

During times of illness, Vitamin C, Zinc and Glutathione will boost you immunity, help your body to beat illness and speed up recovery.

See our vitamin page for more information.


Treatment of hyperhidrosis, or excessive under arm sweating, is also a popular procedure with male clients. Botulinum toxin is a highly effective but temporary treatment for this condition.

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