Karen Johnson RGN. NIP. Ad Dip Nut. Med (Rus)
Aesthetic Consultant, Sclerotherapist, Advanced Electrolygist

Aesthetic, Coolsculpting, Vascular, Dermatology & Minor Surgery

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North Wales Aesthetics Mission

North Wales Aesthetics Mission

Our mission is to provide access to specialised skilled aesthetics, coolsculpting, surgical and vascular services. Our clients being the focus of our commitment to delivering a high quality service. With the object of complying with the current and essential standards of the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales and the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services Treatment You Can Trust.

We recognise that our success is built on our sincere commitment to providing up to date techniques and procedures of the highest quality and effectiveness to achieve optimum client satisfaction. Through medical integrity and ongoing specialised training, staff at North Wales Aesthetics Clinic have a wealth of experience. Procedures are performed on a daily basis from staff who are professional certified specialists, providing expertise to the very highest level of which we are renowned.

Trust and loyalty from our clients is generated from our valued healthcare team treating all our clients as individuals, with kindness, compassion, honesty, integrity, respect, dignity and fairness.

Our dedication to ensuring that our clients goals are achieved and are highly satisfied, is accomplished through excellent communication, team work and uninterrupted one to one time with every client.

Above all else we strive to deliver cost effective value for money.