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Profhilo skin tightening treatment - MY VIEW!

Saturday June 22, 2019
Profhilo skin tightening treatment - MY VIEW!

I have almost reached 20 years in the aesthetics industry and I have seen many products come and go. The industry's scientific knowledge is getting better and better and anti ageing treatment are now far more superior. We can create exciting results, and our patients are looking more natural while reversing the ageing process.

One of these amazing products I am now using on a daily basis, and having incredible and unbelievable results with is, “Profhilo skin tightening treatment”.

After taking the industry by storm, I brought Profhilo into my clinic and within weeks I was hooked. The results that I, my staff and clients alike are seeing, are making us “gob smacked” to say the least. Profhilo simply does exactly what it promises and a lot more too.

Once we reach our forties, we naturally lose collagen and elastin in the skin and this forms wrinkles, crepey and baggy skin. Areas of the body that are prone to this loss of elasticity are the face, neck, chest, hands, upper arms, thighs, knees and even the belly after pregnancy and weigh loss. I have treated all of the aforementioned with Profhilo and seen outstanding results.

How this amazing product works is down to its unique super high level of Hyaluronic Acid. This is a naturally occurring substance in the body which is our skin's plumpness and moisture. Reduced levels of Hyaluronic Acid will leave the skin dehydrated and wrinkly. Coupled with the loss of moisture in the elastin and collagen cells, the skin will lose firmness and tightness. However natural this process is, we don't like it!

Additionally, Profhilo is the only product on the market which is proven to stimulate the growth of 4 different collagen and elastin cells within the skin. With all this going on, the skin takes on a smoother, firmer, lifted and more tighter appearance.

Simplistically, Profhilo works to tighten the skin, dermal filler works under the skin to add the volume and Botox works on over eager muscles within the skin to relax them. This combination is essential for the over 40 or those with significant signs of ageing. Up until now, skin tightening treatments were poor and the only way to tighten the skin was to have surgery.

The added and surprising benefit of Profhilo, is the amazing radiance it gives the skin. Remarkably people return to my clinic looking glowing and brighter, its quite unbelievable. Our clients who invest in a course of Profhilo become committed to having this treatment long term. And for the first time in my long aesthetics career I am able to treat the muscles, the tissue volume and now the skin and all without a scalpel or anaesthetist!

Blog written by Karen Johnson

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