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Improve your skin health

Saturday May 04, 2019
Improve your skin health

Keep your make up to a minimum and improve the health of your skin.

We all love make up. It makes such as difference to the face when applied professionally and of course, it can be an amazing tool to enhance our features and hide blotches and pesky little imperfections that bother us. The majority of us feel more confident when we have our make up on and some women will NOT go out without their make up at all.

Now, I know you are going to hate this, BUT, please consider going “WITHOUT” for at least a few days a week.

Make up's can contain ingredients like perfumes, binding properties and preservatives that can damage and irritate the skin. Worn in excess can be very harmful indeed. I often see skins in my clinic looking sore and red when make up is removed, indicating that there has been some form of reaction. The only way to reduce or stop this is to avoid the make up.

And, the vast majority of people who I see in my clinic with “spots” are not true hormonal acne sufferers but suffer with “cosmetic acne”. This is due to applying too much make up, wearing oil based make up, not washing make up off properly, removing make up with wipes - tut tut tut, and wearing make up over night - tut tut tut again!

Wearing lighter make up occasionally or going without make up and just wearing a clean face whenever possible, will prevent cosmetic spots completely.

Eye make up is a worry too. Eye make ups are usually powder based and as you have to apply them while “watching what you are doing”, particles of powder flick into the eyes making them irritated, feel sore and can lead to infections. I frequently see people in my clinic with sore eyes and they all wear heavy eye make up.

Some longer lasting make ups that are designed to stay on the skin for days are a worry too. Some of these make ups usually penetrate deeper into the skin making them harder to remove, even with a good cleanser. On a daily basis, shockingly, it can take my staff up to 30 minutes to remove make up from patients who require a skin assessment and that's with good hard scrubbing! That worries me, as it is obvious that the make up is sitting deep into the pores clogging them. Clogged pores stay open and dilated, and cause spots can occur.

If you don't make an effort to completely remove the make up, it will build up and up. It concerns me what chemicals are in such make up's, doesn't it concern you too?

Applying mineral based make up is a good compromise and of course washing make up off your face at the end of the day very thoroughly goes without saying.

So, the point I am making is, despite the visible benefits of make up, the down side is not as beneficial. Reducing the slap will help to avoid spots, rashes and poorly looking skin. Going naked a little more often will do your skin a world of good while significantly reducing the chemicals that are absorbing into your skin and helping to keep your skin healthier looking and more radiant.

So, please give it a go and just see how rapidly your skin health will improve. And remember, beautiful skin does not come naturally, it requires HARD WORK!

Blog written by Karen Johnson.

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