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Should men moisturise?

Saturday September 14, 2019
Should men moisturise?

Should men moisturise?

About 30% of my clients at North Wales Aesthetes Clinic are men. This shows me that men are finally starting to look after their skins and understanding and recognising the importance of good skin care and wrinkle management. There are hundred of male grooming products on the high street and it is no longer considered an embarrassment when you see men going to the counter with a basket full.

To achieve a more smoother complexion and a youthful skin, it is essential that you have a twice a day skin care regime and using the right skin care products goes without saying.

Here are my tips on male moisturisers for the men who are looking for results:

Men's skin's are very different from women's. Mainly due to men's skin being thicker, producing more oils and having more hair. This means that their approach to skin care and moisturising has got to be different, so getting your man to use your moisturiser is futile. However, a man's skin will lose moisture just like a woman's skin, as skin is skin whoever it belongs to.

Men will lose moisture from their skin when they shower using soaps and gels, work outside in cold weather, work indoors with air conditioning and during heavy sweating. Hydrating the skin twice daily will keep the skin supple and help to maintain elasticity that prevents crêpey wrinkles.

In order for moisturiser to get deep to the skin layers, a man needs to cleanse the skin to remove excess oils, debris on the skin and old dead skin cells. Removing the dead skin cells regularly with a cleanser that contains glycolic will gently and effectively ex-foliate the dead skin to reveal a smooth clean surface for the moisturiser to penetrate deep where it is needed. This will also prevent dull skin that develops when dead skin cells clog the skin.

A male moisturiser should be water based and have active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E and remember-avoid any products that contain alcohol such as aftershaves which will dry out the skin and make the moisturiser less effective.

So before you consider taking the plunge into the world of Botox and dermal fillers, get your skin under control first, and perhaps your new found skin care may delay the aesthetic intervention.

Blog written by Karen Johnson


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