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Is there a need to have a facelift?

Sunday September 01, 2019
Is there a need to have a facelift?

Now, there's a question!

In my professional opinion, 95% of people who attend my clinic with facial ageing issues DO NOT require a facelift. 9/10 of my patients who do have surgery, usually benefit from removing eye bags and excessive eye lid skin and lifting the mid face. Non surgical treatments such as dermal filler, skin tighteners, skin peels, skin boosters, medical grade skin peels and Botox can produce amazing results when administer by a skilled practitioner. My patients who may benefit from surgery, quite often have the results they desire without going under the knife.

Surgery is a scary and extreme option and not for the faint hearted so before you head in that direction, you must consider all the pros and cons, risks and downtime, very carefully. Having said that, having a face lift can produce amazing results and in combination with the non surgical treatments listed above, we can turn back the years considerably.

Our non surgical injectable treatments are incredible products that can lift, plump, smooth, tighten, soften and dramatically reduce and reverse the ageing process. The brilliant thing about these non surgical products is that if they are performed by a highly skilled practitioner, you will not look any different but fresher, smoother and of course more youthful. And, isn't that the idea- that your friends and family still recognising you after having aesthetic treatments!

All these non surgical procedures are performed within the hour and the downtime is considerably less than with surgery, as the majority of people recover within a few days.

If you choose the right practitioner and the right products, you can achieve glowing radiant clear skin, chiselled cheekbones, a taught jawline, straight corners of the mouth, smooth under eyes and be wrinkle free or as one of my patients told me “instagram filtered”.

Blog written by Karen Johnson.

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