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Do you crave nice winter skin?

Friday October 25, 2019
Do you crave nice winter skin?

Do you want clearer skin, smoother, brighter, more moisturised and softer skin, no visible bumps,

skin lesion and blemishes and radiant skin throughout the harsh cold winter months? then read on....

I am a skin specialist and have been working with dermatology conditions and complaints for almost 20 years gaining so much valuable experience. I love passing on my tips to my patients and here are my favourite 6 step regime to achieve the above:

  1. Remove skin moles, bumps and skin tags flush from the surface of the skin by cauterizing.

  2. Then, undergo a deep medical grade wash of your skin to unclog pores, remove old make up and environmental dirt and this will promote the release and foliation of dead skin cells and allow your skin to breathe and rehydrate.

  3. Apply a course of medical grade chemical skin peels to close pores, lift off unwanted layers of skin to reveal new radiant skin, control spots and blackheads and your skin will be brighter and smother.

  4. Have a course of ultra hydrating face mask treatments to nourish your skin's deep layers and produce a deep dermal stimulation.

  5. Change your skin regime to a winter suitable one. I can advice you on how to tailor a skin care package suitable for your individual skin.

  6. Have all this then get a FREE light peel at the end to finish off and get your skin winter ready.

A perfect regime for the start of the winter and the upcoming Christmas parties.

We have the treatments and knowledge for fast results and healthier skin so why not let us make your skin winter worthy?

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Blog written by Karen Johnson



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