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How to avoid the "witches chin" with dermal filler

Sunday May 23, 2021
How to avoid the "witches chin" with dermal filler

How to avoid the “Witches chin” from dermal filler

Chins are often forgotten about in aesthetics and are so important in facial symmetry and balance. Chin enhancements are increasing in popularity, I am glad to say, because at North Wales Aesthetics Clinic I perform chin treatments day in and day out and I have been enhancing chins for decades. I do encourage my patients to consider chin treatments when rebalancing a face, which makes a huge difference in 10/10 of people.

Sadly, if not done by a skilled practitioner, an over filled or incorrectly filled chin can look quite witchy. And if your chin is out of proportion, the rest of your face will look, quite frankly, “odd”. This is why you must find an expert practitioner who has an eye for facial proportions and symmetry.

When done right, the results of chin treatments can be very natural and harmonise the rest of the facial features. Improving facial proportions is more attractive and can give the face a slimmer look too. This is why so many people are wanting to have this treatment. Unfortunately, due to the “current trend”, there are many people, especially young girls, wanting chin treatment and too often, unnecessarily. If a chin enhancement is not necessary, the facial balance will be compromised. It is important to bear in mind, that the aim of having aesthetic treatments is to bring back the right facial proportions.

Using dermal filler, I can create so many looks to a chin such as, increasing the size of your chin and make your chin longer or give a more projected chin, especially ideal for those who have a receding chin. Shaping the chin by creating more width. Or make the chin look more rounded or square and create more or less of an angle. And improve symmetry, especially if the chin is asymmetrical.

I despair when someone comes's into my clinic with a photograph of a celeb, and asks me to make them look like their idol. When you go down this road, you will alter your face in a way that is not right for the shape of your face and your facial features. You must understand, the shape and size of a chin on one face will not be right for another face.

Like in the before and after photograph attached to this blog, of a well known actress, who has had chin and cheek filler done by the wrong practitioner. The chin and cheeks are over filled, coupled with the wrong technique, has made me roll my eyes with disbelief and horror. A pointed and protruding chin can make you look extremely unpleasant, and who wants to look like a witch? The aim of a chin treatment is to enhancing the appearance not disfigure it.

In my practice, in order to achieve the very best result, I often use a combination of dermal filler with Botox. Especially in individuals who not only have a small chin, but also have large jaw muscles and hyper mobile chin muscles. This for sure, will create a more defined jawline, a slimmer silhouette and a softer look. And of course I can't stress enough that you have to create a chin that is the right size and shape for YOUR face.

Here's why we should take more notice of our chin

Over the years throughout the ageing process, the skull gradually rotates and the chin moves backwards. This results in reduced structural support in the lower face. So at some point, you will notice changes in your chin, compared to how it looked in your youth. Muscle, tissue and skin age too. Collagen and elastin cells breaks down in the skin and all together leads to facial drop and looking like the face has sunken. Using dermal fillers, we can correct these issues and restore the areas of the face where it is needed. Dermal fillers are a fantastic way to sculpt the face, enhance, correct and restore natural contours. The unnatural look comes with “incorrectly filling or over filling” distorting the natural appearance of the face. Having a balanced approach is the key to having good natural results.

A prominent well defined chin helps to make the face a more v shape and adds balance, especially in women. Men require a stronger more masculine squared chin, but it still has to be in proportion otherwise he will look not only strange, but very feminised.

Unless you are having chin filler to enhance a naturally small receding chin, dermal filler in the chin is your best friend when you are over the age of 50, in both females and males. But you have to stick to the concept that enhancement is to improve attractiveness and symmetry, harmonise and balance the face, not destroy it !

If you believe your face doesn't look right following a dermal filler treatment by an unskilled practitioner, don't despair. In 21 years, there's nothing I haven't seen or sort out. When an overfilled patient comes to me, I usually advise dissolving the filler, get you back to normal then start again. But the way to avoid complications - is to carefully select your practitioner in the first place.


Blog written by Karen Johnson

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