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How we correct the dermal filler mistakes of other practitioners

Monday August 23, 2021
How we correct the dermal filler mistakes of other practitioners

Dermal fillers are amazing for correcting the signs of the ageing process. Age comes with tissue volume loss in the face causing undesirable issues such as; baggy skin, a drooping appearance, gaunt hollows, prominent cheek bones, deep lines and wrinkles, the tired and fed up all day look and generally looking old.


When administered correctly, dermal fillers can put you back to the way you use to look before the ageing process took hold. Pleasantly, I hear my patients say when they look in the mirror “I look like I use to.”


When having dermal filler, boosting confidence in conjunction with reducing the signs of age is the aim. However, when treatments are performed by unskilled or non medical practitioners, who simply don't know what they are doing, a person can suffer a “botched” outcome.


Sadly, North Wales Aesthetics Clinic too frequently, have to put right other practitioners mistakes. Most of the mistakes we see are lips and teat trough (under eye) treatments.


Recently I had a lady in my clinic who had dermal filler to correct her tear trough under eye circles. She met the so called practitioner in a beauty salon and she had no idea what qualifications the practitioner had or even her name. Two enormous blobs of filler were placed too near the surface under her eyes resulting in puffy swellings, that were so large they were actually obstructing the ladies view !


The practitioner used a dermal filler that was too thick for delicate under eye area and a filler normally used to add volume to sunken cheeks and baggy jaw lines.


The good new is, removing filler is quite easily done with the use of hyaluronidase. This drug will dissolve unwanted filler. But, you must bear in mind, hyaluronidase is an enzyme prescription medicine and must not be used “willy-nilly” so don't have dermal filler with a blasé attitude.


Some dermal fillers are not hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers and will not respond to hyaluronidase. Additionally, filler purchased from outside the UK often contain unknown products. Hyaluronidase will only dissolve hyaluronic acid. Non medical practitioners or non prescribers, mostly purchase fillers from abroad, as they are not allowed to purchase safe hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers from UK pharmacies. I have tried to remove filler from many people who have had unrecognisable filler with out success. Unfortunately in cases like this, the only option is radical surgery.


If you are considering having dermal filler or any medical cosmetic treatment, to be safe, research and choose a very skilled experienced practitioner. Also, check that the filler comes out of a sealed box with a UK pharmacy label.


And finally, do bear in mind that not everyone wielding a needle and syringe is a genius !

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